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Teege is the son of Tarble, and the second-to-last surviving Saiyan (the other being his father) due to all the rest having been absorbed by Super Buu.


Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Teege did not inherit his father's recessive weak traits, thus making him a Saiyan Warrior like his uncle, Vegeta. He is taller and has more muscle mass, and sports a red Scouter with a red variant of his father's Saiyan Armor and jumpsuit. While timid at first, he soon came to realize his Saiyan power and pride as he grew older, and now is very much like the Saiyan Warriors of old.


Teege hasn't had the intensive training like the Z-Fighters have had. He has currently only mastered the Super Saiyan form, obtaining Full-Power Super Saiyan. Thus, he is very weak in comparison with Goku or Gohan.


Teege is 19, and dreams of defeating Buumega, who terrorizes the universe and only keeps it just to rule over everyone.

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