amarie: HELLO welcome to our death battle style versus battles on WIKI

grace: and today we will decide who will win GOKU

amarie: OR naruto, let's get a brief background on them both before we let them battle it out


amarie: born on planet vegeta goku was destined for greatness

Grace: well not exactly he actually had a normal power level UNLIKE broly when he was a baby.

amarie: after being sent to earth and meeting bulma, tien, yamcha and more the saiyans arrived

Grace: well goku LOST then took on freiza defeating him at the cost of his best friend krillin

amarie: but no one stays dead in dragon ball so he was wished back continuing son goku's journey

now he and freiza defeated jiren in the tournament of power SORTA


amarie: borrn and raised on... earth in the hidden leaf village Naruto was not exactly a scholar

Grace: yes he constantly flopped challenges including the chunin exam BUT did prevail when it counted.

amarie: after finding sasuke,mastering the rasengan, and more he fought and beat kaguya and madara with team 7.

Grace: naruto then became a hokage as he had always dreamed of.

amarie: all right now that the backstory is on let's get to



goku was looking for a strong opponent, but he could only find one major energy source. goku flew to it to see The hokage NARUTO "hey, you, lookin for a sparring partner? Right here!" naruto said "uh, ok then" goku said getting in his fighting stance. naruto flew at goku with a kick to the chin. goku looked around then at naruto and sent a punch at him. naruto was sent flying as the punch connected. "w...what" naruto said. "RASENGAN" naruto said running to goku rasengan in hand. goku looked at him and blocked the attack with one hand "HAAAAAAA" goku fired a one handed kamehameha at naruto sending him into the surrounding bushes. naruto then closed his eyes. goku blinked and naruto rushed at him with a rasengan in Sage mode. goku smirked and went super saiyan. the rasengan pushed goku back a few feet. goku then used instant transmission and neck chopped naruto leaving him on the floor quaking. naruto jumped with a yelllow glow surrounding him a huge nine tailed fox appeared. "KURUMA SYNC WITH ME!" a tailed beast bomb fired at goku. "HAA" goku fired at the blast eventually goku overpowered naruto knocking him to base. goku flew to him. "Hakai" goku said as naruto dissapeared "hm" goku said as he looked at the sunset.

ENDING (sneak peak to Next Versus!)

amarie: well we can't say much

grace: goku is superior in every way in immense speed,strength and hax

amarie: but here is a sneak peak for our next versus