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Role playing
  1. You may choose an existing character from any franchise that qualifies for this wiki. Overpowered characters are not allowed. In addition, the character must start in their weakest state.
  2. Characters may only have 4 moves when they start, however they will gain another every 4 levels. You may also upgrade a move every 5 levels
  3. You may only have 1 character.
  4. If your character dies, you may choose a new one.
  5. Unbalanced moves are not allowed.
  6. Winner XP calculation shall be done by User:Omni_Phibbestoles, loser XP is damage caused/2
Versus Pages
  1. Versus battles should be on pages, not in forums, or blogs, although blogs about versus battles can be made.
  2. Versus Pages should be carefully categorized, that includes categories about which series the characters are from and which version of the character is used (Characters from DC and Marvel have a lot of different versions for each character.).
Versus Types

This wiki has 3 versus pages types:

  1. The standard fan fiction one, which is done by one user, who can end the battle any way he/she wants.
  2. The power battle, in which one user or administrator puts two fictional characters against each other and the rest of the community decides, with votes(and an explanation as to why the voted the specific character) on which character is the strongest
  3. And last the ability battle, which is like the power battle, except in this type of battle, each character has about 5 abilities, (the user who creates the versus match, can decide which abilities, he/she will include in the battle), for each character and the rest of the community can decide with votes based on the abilities(each user will have to give a reason as to why the specific character can win, with their abilities) of each characters and not the actual strength, who will win.
About becoming Bureaucrats
  • It is highly unlikely that you will become a bureaucrat here, as in this wiki, we pick bureaucrats only in special cases, because of the fact, that their rights can't be removed by Administrators or other Bureaucrats.
  • Only the most trustworthy Administrators and users can become bureaucrat.
  • People that become bureaucrats must be very skilled editors.
About Articles
  • Articles must have a certain quality in order to stay on this wiki. Unpolished and messy articles with many grammar/spelling and coding mistakes, are likely to be deleted.
  • That also includes pages with little information.
  • Don't add dead links on articles.

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