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Omega Shenron Buu by Jackoneill007
Buumega is the result of Buugito (Super Buu/Vegito absorbed) absorbing Omega Shenron.


Appearance and personalityEdit

After absorbing Omega Shenron, Buugito gains most of Omega Shenron's physique, including his spikes and Black Star Dragon Balls, but still retains Vegito's Potara Earrings. He also becomes much more cruel due to Omega's evil personality.


His power more than doubles once again due to the immense power of Omega Shenron. Due to him containing Vegito and and Omega Shenron inside him, Buumega is now the single most strongest being to ever exist in the Dragon Ball universe.


After absorbing Vegito, Buugito heads off into the galaxy to hunt for more worthy beings to absorb. Back on Earth, the Black Star Dragon Balls explode, due to their negative energy, and release the Shadow Dragons. Syn Shenron quickly dominates the other six and absorbs them, turning into Omega Shenron.

Buugito, currently disappointed in his search, returns to Earth upon sensing an energy signal appearing out of nowhere. Confronting Omega Shenron, a battle ensues, and Omega seems to have a bit more power. As they duel, however, Buugito manages to entangle Omega with massive amounts of his body that he purposely allowed to get blasted off during the fight. He quickly absorbs him, then becomes Buumega.